Donating is Critical – And Easy

The newly formed Caribbean Emergency Vector Control Network has issued an urgent appeal for vector control-related support for the countries, territories and communities most impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. This unprecedented series of storms has left a wake of devastation throughout the region unseen in modern history. While many countries, territories and communities are still in life saving or life sustaining stages of recovery today, there is a growing urgency to prepare for and respond to the… Continue Reading Donating is Critical – And Easy

Support The Effort

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing our efforts and actively participating in supporting our friends in the Caribbean. It’s both humbling and exciting to see the response we’ve received thus far. Now we are tasked with organizing our excitement and helping drill down on the specific tasks required to provide relief. Working groups are being formed in the coming weeks to integrate with the various agencies and organizations deployed locally. Additional information will… Continue Reading Support The Effort

Initial Call to Action

Friends, I’ve just arrived ┬áback from the Harvey response in Houston. Many of you are still experiencing the effects and after-effects of Irma. I hope you stay safe and dry. Over the past few days, there has been a flurry of discussion about how the vector control community can support vector control-related recovery efforts on some of the hardest-hit islands. Many of these islands are still in “response” mode, but it isn’t too early to… Continue Reading Initial Call to Action