Contribution Details


Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Caribbean Emergency Vector Response. Below you’ll find additional information regarding what the critical needs are and how donations will be fulfilled.

Below are three categories of support needed by most of these islands. In this first donation drive, we’re going to ask that the community focus on Level One and Level Two.

On October 15, we will publish the list of organizations that contributed in this first drive.

For organizations seeking to contribute larger-scale or complex solutions, we will seek to secure your commitment prior to the 15th. Subsequent drives will give additional opportunities to contribute.


Level One: Immediate Support:

These are requests we’ve received from many of the islands to date. They are focused on safe, easy-to-use materials to alleviate suffering amongst the public, enable communities to begin treating larval breeding sites, and tools to help our colleagues get to work faster and safer.

  • Safe, approved larvicides – products safe for use by civilians and for all water sources; preferably in small containers initially (transportation of large items is difficult in some settings), but priority is for dry granular or tablet/dunk forms;
  • Educational materials for citizens (breeding site reduction tips/education);
  • Repellents – common skin-based repellents (EPA-approved is preferred);
  • Bed nets – one of the most commonly-requested items by the public;
  • Lethal traps – approved devices intended to reduce Aedes and other pest populations;
  • Basic safety equipment – Boots and gloves, masks for volunteers and staff; first-aid kits; socks and hats; sunscreen; etc.;
  • Tablets and/or smart phones – capable of running free, open-source or proprietary mapping software;
  • Monetary donations – $1,000 and above, please, to avoid hassle of processing smaller amounts;
  • Two-way or multi-way battery-powered radios;
  • Trash collection equipment, materials and supplies (bags, ties, bins, shovels, etc.);
  • Other basic supplies and equipment that can be used by staff and volunteers in the coming months without extensive support or capacity;

Ready to provide immediate support for the Caribbean? Click HERE.

Level Two: Intermediate Support:

Contributions that will provide direct support to the rebuilding of vector control capacity and operations in the coming months. These contributions will have a direct impact on the speed and strength of recovery.

  • Large quantities of approved chemicals in large sizes – barrels, sacks, containers;
  • Truck-mounted ULV sprayers and approved associated chemicals;
  • Hand-held ULV or similar sprayers and appropriate chemicals – both battery-powered and gas-fueled versions;
  • Containers for chemical storage;
  • Chemical pumps or bilge pumps;
  • General up-to-date post hurricane aerial imagery;
  • Lift tools (dollies, lifts, etc. for lifting sprayers, chemical barrels, etc.);
  • Tools for installing and maintaining equipment or applications;
  • Safety equipment necessary to operate larger machinery/equipment;
  • Handheld digital tablets to run open-source or proprietary software;
  • Small-scale donated airtime on TV, radio, etc.
  • Creative and digital services;

Interested in providing medium-term support to the Caribbean? Click HERE.

Level Three: Large-scale Support:

Contributions requiring capacity on the ground to manage, implement or deploy. Includes large-scale intervention types (aerial applications (including drones), route management software, training, monitoring, etc.)

  • GIS (i.e. ArcGIS) subscription and supporting computer equipment (servers, etc.);
  • Specialized aerial imagery and mapping services;
  • Aerial interventions (in coordination with host governments);
  • Surge vector control support teams (costs covered by donor) – deployments of up to 7-14 days (to be configured in collaboration with governments/vector control units);
  • Large-scale donated airtime on TV, radio, etc.
  • New website and public engagement tools;
  • 6 to 10 new phones with one-year subscriptions/data (where possible);

There are other requirements, for sure. These are just lists to get us started.

Able to provide large-scale support? Click HERE.

Please note:

  • Please provide paid shipping to the last possible destination en route to the intended destination; we will not have resources to pay for freight in most instances;
  • Donated products should meet all regulatory requirements for the destination country/territory;
  • Contributions should include only unused, safe, undamaged, in-date products and equipment;
  • Stand-alone packaging is critical – we will have no re-packaging or freight consolidators re-packing equipment or supplies; please donate in a format that will allow it to be shipped via sea or air easily;
  • If you have any questions about goods or services you’d like to provide, please call us. We will do our best to relay the offers and/or requests to the islands intended.


Details on Distribution of Donations

Given the unique nature of this international response, and given the different needs of each island, we are going to do the following to ensure that your donations are distributed effectively:

  1. We will give you a choice. For now, we will give you a choice in determining where your donation will go. This may not last, but for now, we want you to feel as if your contribution will be used in a manner you’d prefer. We cannot guarantee we’ll do this for long. 
  2. We will be in constant touch with the islands to maintain lists of their requests/requirements. We will begin posting that information online so you can keep updated on requirements. Call us if you have questions or concerns on how best to contribute. 
  3. We request that you consider contributions to both the larger efforts (Puerto Rico is orders of magnitude larger than the next impacted island) and the smaller islands that do not have the attention or support received elsewhere.


Shipping Coordination: We will coordinate the consolidation and shipping of donated materials to the intended destinations; in the case of shipping challenges, we will work with members of our Network to share storage space, leverage cargo space, and consolidate efforts to secure, store, and ship goods; 

We will provide the tracking of these contributions to the extent possible, allowing you insight as to where and when your contributions arrive to their destination; 

Thank you letter and certificate that you and your organization participated in the largest-ever vector control-related response effort in the Caribbean; 

Inclusion as a named contributing sponsor on materials generated for governments in the region.


Tax-deductible status: Each contribution will be made via one of a few select non-profit organizations we have organized to accept in-kind and monetary contributions specifically for this purpose; my team has worked out arrangements with at least four accredited, audited, and fully transparent organizations; 

  • GreenVI (US and BVI registrations);
  • Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust (US registration);
  • Community Foundation (USVI);
  • Dutch territories still in discussions;


Questions? We’re sure you will have questions. Please email us at We’ll do our best to make donating easy and meaningful. This will be a learning process for all of us, but if we work together we’ll enable our colleagues throughout the impacted islands to recover and strengthen their efforts.